Pregnancy Care Services in Yuma AZ

Associates for Women's Health has been a trusted women's health care provider in Yuma, Arizona since 1995. Our staff consists of one board certified doctor in obstetrics and gynecology and three skilled and experienced nurse midwives and one sonographer.
Surendher Lokareddy — Pregnancy Care in Yuma AZ
Surendher Lokareddy MD, FACOG
Dr. Surendher Lokareddy graduated from Medical School in 1987 from Osmania Medical College in India. He finished his residency in New York City in ... Read more
Annette M. Casey — Pregnancy Care in Yuma AZ
Annette M. Casey
Annette M. Casey CNM, MSN is Yuma Native. She was raised in a military family and has strong community ties. Read more
Kathleen M. Embree — Pregnancy Care in Yuma AZ
Kathleen M. Embree CNM, MSN
Kathleen M. Embree
A Yuma native, Kathie chose nursing as a profession from a young age. She graduated from Grand Canyon ... Read more
Susan L. Rhoads— Pregnancy Care in Yuma AZ
Susan L. Rhoads
Susie Rhoads is a military wife with over 30 years of nursing experience and 20+ years as a certified nurse midwife. She created YRMC's Prenatal ... Read more

Our Staff

  • Receptionist — Elizabeth
  • Receptionist — Mireya
  • Billing — Elis
  • Medical Assistant — Jennifer
  • Medical Assistant — Lupita
  • Medical Assistant — Joanna
  • Medical Assistant — Digna
  • Medical Assistant — Leticia
  • Office Manager — Rachana